Rockhampton Agricultural Show Sections

The call for section entrants for the Rockhampton Agricultural Show has begun.

Follow the links on the right for further information on each section, including downloadable entry forms and sections.

Entrants can view information on entering an exhibition on this page, including downloadable forms and entry details.

For enquiries on entering sections please contact The Rockhampton Show

The Rockhampton Agricultural Show Society acknowledge that while the requirements for all livestock owners to supply a Stock Movement Record is compulsory.  The Rockhampton Show will be required to submit a Stock Movement Record to the Society. A downloadable Form is available use the link on the right.


Stock includes the following:

Cattle, Horses, Goats, Camelids, Sheep, Poultry Birds and Pigs



Animal Application for Entry form

This form will replace all previous documentation required to enter the Rockhampton Showgrounds with livestock (ie cattle, horses, goats, camelids, sheep, poultry/birds and pigs).

This form MUST accompany livestock when entering the Rockhampton Showgrounds, entry may be refused if this form is not completed prior to arrival.




The ‘Animal Application for Entry form’

Entry details

Entry of all livestock sections and applications for stabling, bedding, camping, parking, and additional passes. Fill out the ‘Animal Table’ on Page 2 with the entry details that pertain to your section. If you require more lines for entries, please print additional copies of page 2. If you have already entered online, or using an older version of an entry form, please bring a copy of those entries with you, attached to this new Animal Application for Entry form. You must still complete Page 1 and the ‘Animal Table’ on Page 2.



Animal Health Declaration

Persons in charge of livestock must read the declaration and agree to the conditions of entry to the Rockhampton Agricultural Show on page 1. The Current Health Status of animals must be declared in the ‘Animal Table’ on Page 2. Please include vaccination or testing status for notifiable diseases – Hendra, Johne’s disease, and Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis.



Movement Record

Movement Records are a requirement under the Biosecurity Act 2014. When fully completed, this section may take the place of a Waybill/NVD. If you are bringing animals for display only, you are only required to fill out the underlined fields in the animal table on page 2.




For more information on the legal requirements when transporting animals, please call your local Biosecurity Inspector on 13 25 23 or follow this link to the Queensland Government website:


These requirements apply to a range of livestock.

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