The Rockhampton Show Society | 2017 Rockhampton Show Dates - 15th to 17th June 2016
The Rockhampton Show Society | 2017 Rockhampton Show Dates - 15th to 17th June 2016

Rockhampton Show Sections

The call for section entrants for the Rockhampton Show has begun.

Follow the links on the right for further information on each section, including downloadable entry forms and sections.

Exhibitor entrants can view information on entering an exhibition on the Exhibitors page, including downloadable forms and entry details.

For enquiries on entering sections please contact The Rockhampton Show

The Rockhampton Agricultural Show Society acknowledge that while the requirements for all livestock owners to supply a Waybill is not yet compulsory, this will change on 1 July 2016. In line with this new change being implemented the Rockhampton Agricultural Show Society have made the decision that all livestock exhibited at the Rockhampton Show will be required to submit a Waybill to the Society. A downloadable Waybill is available using the link below.

Remember your Waybill and NVD!

"Australia leads the world with its system of livestock identification and traceability. This system, and the regulations governing the movement and sale of livestock, make our food safer and more competitive in international export markets."

For more information go to: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Identifying, Moving and Selling livestock

Queensland's livestock movement requirements are in place to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, and safeguard our food and markets.

Procedures and facilities are in place to:

  • Ensure livestock can be identified and movements traced.
  • Ensure livestock are free of certain pests and diseases.
  • Prevent chemical residues in stock and products.
  • Ensure animals are well cared for during transportation.

These requirements apply to a range of livestock.

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